PhD Programme

Our PhD students are enrolled near two different doctoral colleges :

CRHIA Nantes

Doctoral college 604 – Societies, Time, Territories – STT (University Bretagne Loire)

The doctoral college organises its activities with the following disciplines: planning and urbanism, anthropology, archeao-sciences, archaeology, architecture, archival studies, demography, economics and society, epistemology and history of science and technology, ethnology, international and European studies, environment, geography, geomatics, history, art history, cultural heritage, communication and information sciences, sociolinguistic, sociology, STAPS, tourism, speech analysis.

E-mail : ed-stt.nantes[@] or by phone 02 40 14 11 02
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CRHIA La Rochelle


EUCLIDE is a cross-disciplinary doctoral college which combines the missions of the six former doctoral colleges (Gay Lussac, LPAH, S2iM, SORG, SI-MMEA, Pierre Couvrat). These missions are to ensure the thematic trainings and to validate three types of trainings: transversal, thematic and specific ones.

E-mail click here or by phone 05 46 45 83 41

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PhD students activities

CRHIA annual seminar

CRHIA members organise an annual seminar in collaboration with PhD students and the Master Degree HCP (History, Civilization, Cultural Heritage). Each year, three or four sessions are planned and give the opportunity to Professors, Senior lecturers or PhD students to speak on the annual theme. This seminar is mainly reserved to CRHIA members and to PhD and Master Degree students.

PhD students workshops

Each year,  one or two PhD students take responsability for the organisation of a workshop, called "Journée des doctorants".

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