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The Research Centre for Atlantic and International History (EA 1163 - Universities of Nantes and La Rochelle) is one of the most important research centres for History in western France, five-year contract 2017-2021, signed with the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research.

Our Research Centre gathers together researchers in ancient history, medieval history, early-modern history, modern/contemporary history, humanities and languages. Giving a total of 137 members (56 professors and senior lecturers, 3 other academic staff, 4 postdoctoral fellows, 67 PhD students and 7 support staff) and 94 associated  researchers working on a common theme : "From the world to the Atlantic, and from the Atlantic to the world: the processes, spaces and actors of international exchange from Antiquity to the present".


From the World to the Atlantic, and from the Atlantic to the World:

the processes, spaces and actors of international exchange

from antiquity to the present

CRHIA’s five-year research project (2017-2021) draws on our recognized expertise in international, imperial and Atlantic history and in the latest historiography. These fields will be primarily explored by studying relationships, flows and representations over the longue durée, from Antiquity to the present, in a broad geographical context. In fact, the international openness that characterizes the cities of Nantes and La Rochelle makes the Atlantic and European areas privileged fields for our research. However, true to our international approach, we also examine Europe and the Atlantic’s interconnections with the entire world.

Our global project for 2017-2021 relies on three main research themes:

  • Research theme 1:  Flows of people, things and knowledge: connections and reconfigurations

  • Research theme 2: rivalry and negoTiation: international relations, diplomacy, and war

  • Research theme 3: The dynamics of Alterity: representations and governance of cultural and religious groups

CRHIA researchers coordinate several projects (at European, national or regional levels); as an example: LabEX EHNE (research strand 4), ANR REPAIRS, Institut du Pluralisme Religieux et de l'Athéisme (IPRA), RFI Alliance Europa (which includes LIPE and CITER projects) as well as the  STARACO and IMPERIALITER projects. CRHIA is also involved in the SLAFNET project (H2020-MSCA-RISE) and ANR REPAIRS project. The Research centre benefits from the CRHIA Library in Nantes (20.000 books) and gives supports to four Master degrees in Nantes and La Rochelle; as an example the research Master RIHMA “Relations Internationales et Histoire du Monde Atlantique”.

Finally, the CRHIA benefits from a double accreditation, the main academic institution is the University of Nantes and the secondary one is the University of La Rochelle.


  • Eric Schnakenbourg, Professor of Early-Modern History at the University of Nantes and CRHIA Director since 2015.
  • Bernard Michon, Senior Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Nantes and CRHIA Vice-Director since 2017.
  • Laurent Vidal, Professor of Modern History at the University of La Rochelle and CRHIA Vice-Director since 2012.

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