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Contemporary Popular Cultures on the Move in the United States: Miscellanies

August 30, 2017


Danièle ANDRE, MCF de culture populaire et civilisation nord-américaines au CRHIA (Université de La Rochelle), et Elodie CHAZALON, MCF d’anglais au CRHIA (Université de La Rochelle), viennent de publier :

Contemporary Popular Cultures on the Move in the United States:


North American popular culture encompasses so many productions and practices that influence one another permanently that it is no easy task to have an accurate, long-lasting, and consensual picture of it. However, it can be described as being “on the move” as it has evolved by adapting and reacting to simultaneous societal inputs. This book was born out of a will to show the diversity and transversal aspect of popular culture. It does not intend to theorize the notion of popular culture(s) itself, but to provide food for thought to readers, whatever their background. Thus, the focus of this collection of papers is to tackle popular culture as a means to (re)think central issues that are transversal and emblematic of the American way of life. Danièle André is an Associate Professor in the American Studies Department of the University of La Rochelle (France). Her research underlines that popular culture (North American science fiction, cinema, TV series, tabletop roleplaying games and graphic novels) not only reflects how societies work, but also helps think about their evolution and shape their future. Elodie Chazalon is an Associate Professor in English Studies at the University of La Rochelle. Her research focuses on the representations of women and of cultural and consumer practices (fashion, clothing, food, etc.) in US popular culture.

Lieu : Paris
Partenaire : Michel Houdiard Editeur
Contact : Danièle ANDRE : daniele.andre@univ-lr.fr et Elodie CHAZALON : elodie.chazalon@univ-lr.fr